Project MyRidrr

In Progress


ZA Electtronica is the premier in Knight Rider electronic components.

Alessandro Zagni custom manufactures the components in Italy to meet the highest specifications and software that is unmatched in the industry. Not only are the boards machine assembled, but the wiring is insulated to prevent premature failure. These electronics were the first to give real Pontiac car values on the displays rather than just show numbers that are irrelevant to the driver.

  • Real Car Values.
  • Night Time Driving Auto Dim.
  • USB Firmware Upgrade.

PMD Seats are an eye catcher and one of the recognizable items in any K.I.T.T. replica.

The interior will match the "Toast" beige color with velour cloth that is familiar to Knight Rider enthusiasts. The upper console will be fitted to a custom fiberglass headliner that will be felted to match the interior. The lower console will be customized for some key additions and upgrades. The interior parts, carpet and other accessories will be color matched to K.I.T.T. so that MyRidrr remains true to the show.

Show Quality Paint

Strip and Repaint:

Upon completion of the project I want to repaint MyRidrr the right way. Currently MyRidrr is factory painted with some touch ups. In order to get that "show quality" look MyRidrr will need to be professionally stripped, primed, sanded, repainted and color sanded to a glass like finish. This should be the last step in making MyRidrr the most attractive K.I.T.T. replica on the West Coast.

Mechanical Wonders

Not only will MyRidrr be show and event ready, but it will be capable of being street driven without fear of mechanical failure.


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